Dearest Egpyt,

I shall not miss:
your filthy over-crowded streets
the harassment
the smog-filled air
constantly being ripped off

I will miss:
the rich culture you hold
the friends I made
bargaining with shop keepers
traveling all around the region

I have learned so much during this study abroad semester. I have experienced things, both bad and good, that many people will never get the chance to do.  I feel as though I have been slightly changed by my trip abroad.

For someone who was already highly patriotic before this trip, my love for this country grew exponentially. I learned to appreciate the little things so much more. Things like: taxis arriving on time, being able to go anywhere by myself, things happening how they should, administrations working properly. The way things work in Egypt makes the DMV on the first and last week of the month look good.

Although I was constantly frustrated, my patience was tried over and over, and I missed so many things at home, I am glad I decided to study abroad this past semester. I now have first hand experience in a country that holds such a prominent influence in a region my studies focus on.

We had our issues dear Egypt, but I shall miss you…one day