So the past week or so has been pretty quiet. I have been working like crazy here – I swear that I have done more homework here than I have my entire college career. The person who told me this school was easy lied to my face…a big fat lie. I was informed about a week ago that this school is considered the Harvard of Egypt as it is the best college in the entire country.

I did not sign up for that.
School is getting in the way of my vacation. (Just kidding)

However, I did do something pretty amazing last weekend.I got my Open Water Diver certificate. YES!! I am now able to dive 18m deep in the ocean or sea or which ever I so choose. We travelled to Hurghada where we went diving in the Red Sea. I was able to PET a Moray Eel. I PET AN EEL!!!! How many people are able to say that?

I find that while I am here I am trying things that I never really would have while sitting at home. Petting an eel, playing tic tac toe at the bottom of the ocean and dancing with a clown fish were never things I thought I would be able to do. And yet I have done them and it felt as though it was no big deal…crazy.

The weekend that just passed was supposed to be a big adventure. We were going to travel to Nuweiba and climb Mt Sinai. Now, climbing a mountain is on my bucket list so I was ALL about this. However, there was a sand storm which caused the school to cancel our trip. I should not have been surprised, since this is after all Egypt and nothing happens when its supposed to, but I was shocked and pissed off to say the least. I had cleared my entire weekend to be off scaling mountains and tanning on the beach only to have that shattered and left with nothing (that is nothing in the terms of plans).